Day: August 31, 2018

Dita Mach Five DRX2087A Sunglasses In Gold Gradient Grey

Don’t get me wrong. I love the fit of these glasses and the darkness of them, but was a little throwed off when all the cars around me looked iridescent. I would have for sure given 5 stars if they were just black, like I thought. Awesome polarized glasses. They fit well and are super

Christian Dior Onde 1 Sunglasses In Tortoise

Loved them More than what I expected. High quality. I highly recommend will be buying more. I love these glasses. I will be ordering more.Just got contacts so I wanted so cute sunglasses . These are so durable ( I’m a clutz so you can see why that’s important). Very good investment!7/2017Mine broke On Fourth

Gucci GG2278FS Sunglasses In Gold

Super cute and I was so surprised how heavy they were. Great glasses. They stay on your head even with heavy movement. Great fit and feel. Overall very good quality, albit a tad pricy.I’ve been wearing them for 25 years, never had anything else that even comes close .

Chrome Hearts Bubba II Eyeglasses In Silver

Good fit and light weight – what I like in glasses. They look very nice and the quality is great for the price.Obsessed they are so cute and such good quality! The little knot on the end of the bag got caught in my laptop and I had to get the display replaced which made

Dolce & Gabbana DG4398 Sunglasses In Black Gunmetal Diamonds

All metal sunglasses, they are mirrored and incredibly reflective, very cute. They’re not super opaque, other people can still see your eyes a little bit. I ordered the baby pink frames and they didn’t look as pink as the pictures, they just look all gold to me with a hint of rose gold on the

Christian Dior Offset1 Sunglasses In Red

Great price for great glasses. Pros: Cost, stylish, comfortable, lightweightCons: Inferior quality plasticOptically these shades are great. They block the sun reasonably well and with no distortion. However, they are constructed out of a very cheap plastic with a high gloss laminate that I’ve seen peel away as they become worn. Once that happens they

Chrome Hearts BOX LUNCH-A Eyeglasses In Black

This is it, this is the sungait product that works perfectly for my features.Highly affordable and a great quality.This company also has amazing customer service. What can I say, I just love them 🙂 Hope they last a long time.Love these shades ! Brought them for a 70s party, but been wearing them everyday since.

Christian Dior Prism Sunglasses In Gold Orange

These glasses work great for someone who needs protection over existing glasses or just someone who likes to make sure all the sun is kept from their eyes. My husband had a pair of Serengeti sunglasses for 20 years and I dropped & broke them last week. So finding this pair was a no brainer.

Christian Dior SidealO Eyeglasses In Silver

Great pair of sun glasses. Very dark and I love the wood on the frames. Very stylish. It came in a great case that was worth the cost alone. It also included a wood guitar pic which was of no use to me but neither was the sticker. I highly recommend these. Great glasses! They

Chrome Hearts Betty Lou II Sunglasses In Black

I’m very impressed with these sunglasses. I bought them to leave in the car and use over regular glasses while driving. I expected them to be oversized, large and bulky like blind man’s glasses but they aren’t. They fit real nicely over my glasses and look like regular sunglasses. My wife says they are very