Month: August 2018

Burberry B2199F Eyeglasses In Red

I Love my new sunglasses.. they’re Awesome!. The work well filtering out the sunlight. Fit is good with prescription glasses. I like them.SICK eyewear It is going to be PERFECT for our Wood Wedding.

Burberry B2146F Eyeglasses In Tortoise

These provide an extremely clear, sharp view of the road ahead. I haven’t used polarized lenses in so many years that I’d forgotten how badly glare really does inhibit a person’s vision. Getting these sunglasses was important because my eyes aren’t as clear as they were in younger years.The fit over my prescription glasses is

Burberry B2243QF Eyeglasses In Black

So far so good. Extremely light, awesome swag included. Great polarized lenses. I would give it a 4 and a half because it has some weird feature that makes my phone look weird when wearing them.Good sunglasses! Have held up to kids birthday party and vacation.

Burberry B2243QF Eyeglasses In Tortoise

These glasses are so wonderful The frame feels pretty sturdy so I’m sure they’ll last a long time. They surve their basic function of keeping the sun off your eyes. Plus the style is cute, I like them so much I ordered another pair. You can’t beat the price, I highly recommend. I Gave them

Burberry B2243QF Eyeglasses In Red

Nice shades ! good tent while driving, metal frame, comfortable. Would buy again. I have had the glasses only a week, so I have not use them extensively. The amber color of the lenses is very good – not too dark but still shields from the sun. They are comfortable, too. The bifocal section is

Burberry B2244QF Eyeglasses In Black

Looveee them! Great quality! They’re sturdy and have a nice weight to them! I will be getting more colors. Awesome, high quality sunglasses at a great price.Happy with my purchase. Just wanted a different look and these are not just trendy but pretty solid in quality. A good buy.

Burberry B2199F Eyeglasses In Black

Received in 2 days and now ordering in another color. Great fit and feel. I bought these sunglasses spur of the moment after setting them on Amazon..I couldn’t be happier! They are super cute! They came with 2 cases, 1 heavy-duty triangle case and a soft travel case. They also came with a key chain.

Burberry B2244QF Eyeglasses In Tortoise

What a great pair of sunglasses! Most glasses make my head uncomfortable but I can wear these for hours. Comfort and style with great UV protection. The nose pads might come loose. Be careful. Absolutely love it! Good size and perfect fit – appears to be good quality.Love the design. So far works ok.

Burberry B2199F Eyeglasses In Tortoise

Very well made and covered very well with a lifetime warranty. What’s not to like? Light on my face polarized to boot! I would definitely buy again. Awesome glasses, great for seeing bonefish on the flats.580G lens rock.Love these sunglasses! They are so chic & modern & look awesome on me. I am very pleased

Burberry B2244QF Eyeglasses In Red

These glasses are fabulous! They fit over your glasses perfectly without looking bulky! I love these. Good quality, light weight and very comfortable -.Super cute and sleek. The only thing is that they are a little uneven on the nose however it’s not to noticeable. Buying more colors soon.