Day: September 1, 2018

Gucci GG0255S New Sunglasses In White Green

little smaller lens would have been nice. the quality seems very high. These glasses are exceptional, especially when you take into account how inexpensive they are! They fit is great, the look is very nice and theye quite durable. 5/5.Great glasses. They were a gift and my husband loved them.

Gucci GG2236 Sunglasses In Tortoise Gradient Brown

Just okay !The lenses don’t look pink. Great buy! Arrived just as described, in good condition, good quality and my hubs loved them! I would reccomend buying of the best things i have bought.

Gucci GG0262S Sunglasses In Green

Fashionable, quality, I’m very happy. If you are considering getting these DO IT NOW. They are perfect. They fit a woman’s face well and what you see in the photo is exactly what you get. Best sunglasses I’ve owned, plus they float.They are so freaking cute. So happy I bought these! Came in a cute

Gucci GG0262S Sunglasses In Blue

I just received my Sungait Ultra Light Rectangular Sunglasses and let me tell you that these are the nicest pair of sunglasses that I ever owned.I was skeptical in purchasing sunglasses that were reasonably priced and quality made. I never thought during my lifetime that inexpensive sunglasses would be of High Quality. Well guess what!

Gucci GG0225S Sunglasses In Gold Gradient Grey

They fit well over my new glasses. I have very sensitive blue eyes so I had to find something to protect my eyes. My only wish was that they were a little darker. They look as expected, not great but I am a middle aged women so appearance isn everything. I ordered the glasses but

Gucci GG0358S Sunglasses In Gold Brown Gradient Grey

Really like these sun glasses, they DO NOT scratch or ding up your real glasses and they are cute. My only complaint is the amber lenses, I wish they made this in a darker gray lens but still love the glasses anyway. These are the best sun glasses you can get if you are an

Gucci GG0328S Sunglasses In Red

Love these glasses: they’re great for sun protection, perfectly comfortable, and just the style I like. They work well. I bought them for myself however I had to give them to my husband as they were a little too big for me.Very nice, with the price paid more than what I expected. you will love

Gucci GG0160 Sunglasses In Gold Green

Got them for my wife as a gift.she loves them.points for the husband.. So cool! Love, love, love them.These are my favorite sunglasses ever! Exceeded my expectations based on the price. The only thing I would recommend if you are looking to buy these sunglasses is to get a protective case. I didn’t and my

Gucci GG0144S Sunglasses In Transparent Pink

I absolutely love these sunglasses!. 2nd pair I’ve had in twenty-one years, indestructible considering the abuse i’ve given them (eg. -falling into a milling machine and beingthrown out by the grinding wheel). Comfortable and efficient.They were just like my pair from 1980.

Gucci GG2282 Eyeglasses In Gold

I have had several eye surgeries this year and I must have good protection. These glasses are similar to the sunglasses I received after surgery but much more stylish. Awesome glasses. The quality is great for a reasonable price.I see a lot of glasses like this for $30+, so I figured these would look very