Month: September 2018

Gucci GG0338S Sunglasses In Gold Black

These provide an extremely clear, sharp view of the road ahead. I haven’t used polarized lenses in so many years that I’d forgotten how badly glare really does inhibit a person’s vision. Getting these sunglasses was important because my eyes aren’t as clear as they were in younger years.The fit over my prescription glasses is

Gucci GG0289S Sunglasses In Black

These are great. They fit over my prescription glasses perfectly. They do not obstruct my field of vision. The side shields keep out extraneous side light. The nose bridge is very comfortable. I wish they made the as certified safety lenses so I could wear them at work. These are the best driving Glasses you

Gucci GG0262SA Sunglasses In Blue

Love the fit and quality. The polarized and tinted lens are as good as any I have tried (very many). Truly a bargain for this quality product. I love these sunglasses. I’ve been eyeing the Erica by Ray Ban, but I just can’t justify it when we have so little sunshine where I am and

Gucci GG0262SA Sunglasses In Tortoise

Great quality. Comfortable fit and the polarized lens make it easy to see driving and fishing. Good Quality and Genuine product.Terrible, bought two. The black one broke a few days ago, but gave them a chance since the company seem great. But after the second one breaking, I can no longer recommend this product. Look