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Oakley Bracket 4.1 22-124 Eyeglasses In Matte Black

very nice shades, i am very pleased. very comfortable to wear with a nice stiff frame that does not bend easily. Didn’t really care for them so much.Great quality, excellent price.

Marc Jacobs MARC27S Sunglasses In Grey

They are great sunglasses but definitely hurt my head if i have them on for too long. I don’t like these they weigh down my prescription glasses plus they are not dark enough to rally block out most of the sun.love these shades, so fashionable and cute.

Louis Vuitton Z2335W Sunglasses In Gold Gradient Grey

I love them! So worth my money!. Really great inexpensive glasses with a different look. Been wearing them everyday now for about a month and have pretty good Construction.Extremely well made.For the price i was so surprised for the quality I received,pictures that other reviewers have posted are accurate to the T. I don’t have

Miu Miu SMU59RS Sunglasses In Silver Gradient Grey

Anyone who is not familiar with the benefits of using continuously polarizing glasses, owes it to himself to ask an eye doctor.Anyone who is not familiar with the optics behind polarizing lenses owes it to himself to ask a physics major to explain.Let alone the fascinating applications of polarizing filters in science, engineering and photography.

Gucci GG2282 Eyeglasses In Gunmetal

Came in Costa box, feels great and has the weight of the glass sunglasses unlike the plastic lenses, which I like. Shipped fast tooI recomend. Fast shipping .. great buy! I ended up buying 2 more colors :-).Fast delivery and perfect for my bachelorette party! I loved them so much, I bought a set for

Gucci GG0338S Sunglasses In Red Gold

Arrived as described. Cool glasses, unfortunately not the right size for my big head. These shades are the best! The material is strong,a nd these are very durable and they look hot.Excellent sun glasses super stylish and comfortable. They look very very good.

Gucci GG0148S Sunglasses In Pink

Love these sunglasses! At that price, I went back and ordered a 2nd pair. Very comfortable and fits my rather large head. Thanks Sungait. Exact same Oakleys my Opthamologist carries! Real Oakleys, original box, extra eye tabs, same $190 price tag. These are the real deal.These are more for looks, as they don’t really shield

Gucci GG0252S Sunglasses In Gold Gradient Brown

It’s very nice sunglasses for this kind price. The glasses arrived in good shape and they fit fine. Thank you.These far surpassed my expectations! They are gorgeous and look way more expensive than they were.

Gucci GG0262SA Sunglasses In Green

Very good quality, and fit me well (large head). The only thing I can say is that the nose pieces are rubber, and they are slightly too grippy for using over long periods of time (> one hour). I have not tried adjusting them yet, and that may possibly resolve this small issue. Excellent fit,

Chrome Hearts BOX LUNCH-A Eyeglasses In Tortoise

Simply wonderful buy. UAVA, UAVB and ;UAVC protection and style. Blended into a solid pair of glasses. Having polarization only increases their value price index. Take advantages of this great — fun in the sun — apparel at a very modest price. Last but not least, the earpieces are ‘Spring loaded’; and function well. Yes,