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Mont Blanc MB701S Eyeglasses In Black Gold

LOVE these! Might order another pair to have as backup. Lo to get them in and out with oy are. Incredibly cool looking sunglasses but I have had nothing but trouble with Oakley’s mirror film. Wiping dust/water off of them after some splashing from mountain riding and the film chipped in a few spots. Very

Oakley Carbon Plate OX5079-0353 Titanium Eyeglasses in Pewter

I was a little hesitant because the product was rather cheap, but omg I’m so glad I bought these! The color is adorable and the quality is great. I love love love these sunglasses!. nice fit and they protect my eyes from the sun. would buy again.I ordered these as a surprise for my boyfriend,

Louis Vuitton Z0960U Diva Sunglasses In Gold Gradient Brown

So cute but they don’t stay on. They fall off constantly. First, let’s talk about the glasses. They’re very light and look great. I have a large head but these were just big enough. I took these on vacation recently and received compliments on them daily. The only problem I had with mine was a

Gucci GG0308S Sunglasses In Transparent Blue

I love them soooo many compliments. These are everything I expected! perfect size and the best lens ever! I worked at Sunglass Hut when I was in high school and I always recommended these to customers. I waited too long to get these. After having LASIK on my eyes a few years ago, I noticed

Gucci GG0351S Sunglasses In Gold Black

I love these sunglasses! They’re a little hard to open and close, but nice quality. I noticed when I drove that some of the reflections were weird, so I wouldn’t recommend wearing them when driving. Great fit; great lenses. The only issue – if you use these on lower light, cloudy days, visibility suffers. These

Gucci GG0212S Sunglasses In Tortoise Gradient Brown

So amazed with the quality of the sunglasses! Definitely reccomend for anybody who want a beautiful pair. Perfect fit! Easy on easy off.I freaking love these glasses. I’ve bee wearing the hell out of them since getting them and I have used them in a few of my photo shoots as props as well. I

Gucci GG0313S Sunglasses In Gold Brown

I can’t recommend these enough! Fit perfectly over my rimless glasses and feel very secure. Prevent light from the side, and don’t make me look like an insect. Very comfortable–don’t add discernible weight. Lovely protective pouch is included. LOVE THESE Got tons of compliments on them and even had people get on Amazon to buy

Gucci GG0308S Sunglasses In Transparent

Love them! Such great quality for the price. The glass were perfect couldn’t be happier.They also shipped very fast i had no hastle at all thanks guys.I love these glasses. I used to have a pair of Revo’s but these blow them outta the water. I love the fit, the hard case, the fact you

Gucci GG0029SA Sunglasses In Red Black Green

Great product, amazing fir, very comfortable. Very sturdy design, great customer service, even came with an extra free pair. Just as expected. Great sunglasses. I didn’t realize that a hard case came with the glasses, which was a bonus (I had to return the hard case that I ordered separately).I have a big Head and

Gucci GG0035S Sunglasses In Green

Very helpful for night time driving and fits over my glasses. They’re a little uncomfortable and awkward to wear. Love this — exactly what I needed.First off, I didn’t buy these from Amazon, but from a Sunglasses Hut in a mall. Regardless, they are the same price. I had LASIK surgery done over a year