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Cartier 1112568 Sunglasses In Gold Brown

Got as a gift. Cute extras like a sticker, case, pic, and wristband. He loves them. Perfect for me. Tired of doing outside chores or fishing and having to carry reading glasses for fine print on containers, tying fishing line , etc. You may occassionally see a slight distortion from the bifocal part but it

Burberry B3084 Sunglasses In Gold Gradient Brown

These glasses fit perfectly over my other glasses. I love them. Exactly what I was looking for.These are really so cute. Great value. I love the green mirrored glass, not something you see often.

Burberry B3089 Sunglasses In Gold Black

These glasses fit perfectly over my regular ones. They are snug so they won’t fall off but not tight. And I love that they come in purple! I thought I was going the old lady route, but I feel quite stylish. Can’t comment on the durability of these as I just got them, but drove

Cartier 51551348 Wood Sunglasses In Gold Brown

Well worth the price! I paid $50 at the optometrist for what looks the same and without polarization! The $50 pair may be a bit heavier but I’ll take this pair any day over the $50 pair. Clear, brightens the view and reduces the glare substantially. Great for use at dusk. Great Oakley’s and wonderful

Cartier 3524016 Wood Sunglasses In Gold Brown Gradient

Packaged well, and look as pictured, very cute. Solid pair of shades for what you pay.So many compliments on these! They get fingerprints very easily though.

Burberry B2244QF Eyeglasses In Red

These glasses are fabulous! They fit over your glasses perfectly without looking bulky! I love these. Good quality, light weight and very comfortable -.Super cute and sleek. The only thing is that they are a little uneven on the nose however it’s not to noticeable. Buying more colors soon.