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Ray Ban Floding RB2176 Sunglasses in Black Gold Green Lens

The woodies were really nice. They arrived in a very sleek package. The quality of the glasses are at least on par with ray bans. My only complaint is the very tip of the arms pressed on one spot on each side of my head. So they were a little uncomfortable for me.Before returning them,

Prada PR 64US Sunglasses In Gold Grey

Anyone who is not familiar with the benefits of using continuously polarizing glasses, owes it to himself to ask an eye doctor.Anyone who is not familiar with the optics behind polarizing lenses owes it to himself to ask a physics major to explain.Let alone the fascinating applications of polarizing filters in science, engineering and photography.

MontBlanc MB490 Eyeglasses In Silver

Good quality and packaged nicely. I don’t like these they weigh down my prescription glasses plus they are not dark enough to rally block out most of the sun.Amazing quality for the price. Already had several people comment on them.

MontBlanc MB0382 Eyeglasses In Gunmetal

Very cute sunglasses. Perfect for the beach and sunny days. They feel sturdy, not fragile. Received so many compliments already. I think the ones I really wanted were over $400 but these are great for $219.I have never bough expensive sunglasses until I bought these. Worth every penny. I even wear them when its shady.

Mont Blanc MB0541 Eyeglasses In Tortoise Gold

These glasses are so different & they’re the perfect size. The one I received was defected and they were so nice about it. They immediately sent me a new pair without giving me a hard time like other places would. Love these glasses. Love these glasses. So cute and crisp clear lenses that black the

Montblanc MB150 Eyeglasses in Gold

They do fit nicely over my glasses, but that’s it. They don’t actually help with seeing at night (or day). They more hinder my vision than help. I even tried them during the day, but everything was just more glaring. I bought my first pair of Maui Jim Kahuna glasses close to 20 years ago,

Prada SPR09QS Sunglasses In Black Gradient Grey

Great pair of sunglasses. Customer service has been great throughout the process. It is great to see a company stand by their product. I’ve owned sunglasses that I have paid for over $200 for and Sungait quality is on par but their customer service is superior. For the price it is a no brainier to

Mont Blanc MB710F Eyeglasses In Black Gold

Go for it! Can’t go wrong. These are quality glasses at a good prices. They seem well built and accessories make them a no brainier. I purchased these to reduce headlight glare while driving at night.I have a pair of Cocoons which I know are Polarized and prevent glare, but are far too dark to

Mont Blanc MB337 Eyeglasses In Gold

Very good quality; attractive look; fit over my glasses well, though I have a large face; and the side peripheral view sections offer better view than others I have tried. I love these sunglasses..They fit my head perfectly and don’t sleep down. Highly recommend them. I have prescription ones for $800 but these are better.Authentic

Gucci GG0323S Sunglasses In Tortoise Gold

Awesome product, good price! My husband really loves them. Frames are loose. Lenses are very loose in frame. Not the quality of costa’s I have had for over a year. Dont know if i got a bad pair or if costa has poor quality no. Packaging was good and delivery was awesome.Cannot beat the price,