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Gucci GG0226S Sunglasses In Black

Got here fast. Glasses are exactly as described.The glasses are awesome, the lenses are so much more clear than my bicarbonate lenses. You can also tell that they are heavier though. The glasses are beautiful i cant wait to wear them to my special occasion.Got these for me and my husband for a trip to

Gucci GG0455S Sunglasses In White Green

These are super sunglasses! I love the way they fit and I get so many compliments on them. Just ordered 2 more pairs.. . My wife bought these on my account and at first, it was love. They worked well to protect from the sun and were perfectly adorable. However, she has only owned them

Gucci GG0282SA Sunglasses In Yellow

I absolutely love my glasses The quality on the glasses are amazing! They feel so luxurious. I get so manny complements when ever I wear them. I am definitely going to purchase more! I am obsessed. I loved the frame colors and design.. But after 10 days the nose area in the front broke!Soooo disappointed.Scratched

Gucci GG0368S Eyeglasses In Black

Best Pair of glasses i have every purchased. I cannot believe these are $25. They also have great customer service and have reached out to me just a couple of times to make sure I have been happy with my purchase. Had the glasses for less than 2 weeks and they broke. Poor design don’t

Gucci GG0262SA Sunglasses In Tortoise

Great quality. Comfortable fit and the polarized lens make it easy to see driving and fishing. Good Quality and Genuine product.Terrible, bought two. The black one broke a few days ago, but gave them a chance since the company seem great. But after the second one breaking, I can no longer recommend this product. Look

Gucci GG0035S Sunglasses In Black

You really can’t get better sunglasses than this for the price. They fit perfectly on my face. The noise pieces are three perfect length apart. The glasses don’t fog up. They come with a cleaning cloth, a soft case, and a keychain that features a flathead and philips screw driver. For the price, these glasses

Chrome Hearts Halloween Gifts Sunglasses In Gold

LOVE THEM The best pair of glasses to make a person feel like a million bucks! Worth every penny, they are heavy but not annoying. They just feel like they will last. Paid $75 less than academy. I have a green lens and silver lens pair. Wouldn’t buy any other brand. Makes seeing red fish

Gucci GG0108S Sunglasses In Gold Gradient Grey

Mine came crooked! I was so upset. :(. I normally wouldn’t spend this much on glasses but I haven’t lost a pair in a long time so I got these.They provide great sun coverage and also don’t block too much light when the sun goes down.They fit great and are very light but built very

Christian Dior Obscure Sunglasses In Grey Tortoise Mirror

Fit great, look great. Well made. Love them. Maui Jim Sunglasses , what can I say about the best product on the market.They provide the best clarity in any situation, provided you select a pair that most typically suits you activities, then you have a friend for life.Knowing this is not to acknowledge your limitations,

Gucci GG0107S Sunglasses In Gold Gradient Brown

I love these sunglasses. They fit well over my prescription glasses and they don’t let light sneak in over, under or around the sides. They’re very comfortable too. I have very dry eyes and so they’re sensitive to light and I wear these every time I am outdoors. (Sometimes indoors too). This is 100% chinese