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Cartier 736 Wood Sunglasses In Gold Brown

I’m an avid golfer in the summer here in Michigan. That said, my prescription polarized sunglasses are often left in my golf bag after a round. My prescription is pretty weak, but I like the advantage of better vision when trying to find my ball (usually in the woods or water hazard). So, I wanted

Cartier 1188217 Sunglasses In Gold Gradient Grey

So thin (top to bottom) that they don’t completely cover even my stylish glasses. My full-sized daily pair look a bit ridiculous when trying to wear these. There are other larger options out there, and I’d recommend getting one of those instead. I’ve had them for about two months. They provide excellent coverage and are

Cartier 3524012 Aviator Lens Wood Sunglasses In Gold Brown

Light weight and durable. I was able to form it to my head and still looks good. Better than any of my other expensive brands I ever bought for way cheaper. These sunglasses are super cute and the quality is surprisingly high for the price point. The glasses arrived with a soft bag, a more

Cartier 3524012 Big Diamond White Buffalo Sunglasses In Gold Brown

Exceptional quality. Will certainly purchase again. Great product for a great price. These are my fishing glasses and they work as well as any other polarized lense I have owned. They are astoundingly comfortable. But everyone’s face is different. This was the right pair for me.Very comfortable and lenses are very clear. Nice glasses.