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Miu Miu 078 Sunglasses In Pink

very nice sunglasses fit is good and am getting a positive feedback from friends and family. I purchased these for my boytoy a few weeks before his half marathon. He trains in Chicago, on lunch breaks, on the lake front with bright sun. He wanted glasses that wouldn’t move, wouldn’t fog up, and would allow

Mont Blanc MB671 Eyeglasses In Black Silver

Great sunglasses. I live in Arizona where bright is very bright. These cut the glare substantially and fit very well over my prescription glasses. Let me just say bravo guys, almost got me. I’ve been looking over these glasses and box all day thinking something didn’t sit right. I got over 10 pairs and half

Ray Ban Wayfarer RB2140 54-18 Polarized Sunglasses In Tortoise 902 57

These are a gift! I’ll update when they open it but I am pretty sure they will love them. Love tha sunglasses and arrival was prompt.Great sunglasses for the price. The lenses are DEFINITELY polarized. The arms are DEFINITELY would. I have not had my lenses pop out. I would purchase again.

Louis Vuitton Z0960U Diva Sunglasses In Silver Gradient Grey

Arrived on time and seem to be ok. I changed from Oakley’s to the Costas and it was a good change.I feel like a rock star wearing this I cant wait to use this at vans warped tour in the summer Its good quality and the frame is nice, i love the color.I think im

Louis Vuitton Z0026W Sunglasses In Gold Gradient Brown

Love them! They are comfortable and stylish. Note: They provide just enough protection on your eyes from the sun but not so much like typical dark sunglasses would. Overall, I love them. Stylish sunglasses that feel great and you can feel good about your purchase because 10 trees are planted for every pair bought.Eyeglasses were

Miche 57-22 Gold Stainless Steel Sunglasses In Silver Brown

This is an update of review. I reviewed it a couple of months ago when I just bought it. I gave it 4 stars then. After using this for this long, I am giving it a 5 star. Really help cutting down the computer glare and stress on the eyes.I ordered the first pair last

Gucci GG3852 Eyeglasses In White

Had them for about a week and so far so good. Bought two pairs of the Costa Del Mar Blackfin (Black frame/ Blue Glass Lens) as Christmas gifts for my 17 year old son & my husband. They love them! Fits as expected (they’ve worn Costas & tried this frame on before – like shoes

Oakley Transistor DUCATI 22-236 Titanium Eyeglasses In Pewter

they aren’t made well. It has this weird beveled section so when you look down it distorts everything. Can’t wear. I purchased my first pair of Serengeti Aviator Drivers >30 years ago. Since that time, Ie experimented with other name-brand glasses (Oakley, Xezo, etc?, as well as a number of highly-touted newcomers (always the next

Ray Ban RB3016 Clubmaster Polarized Sunglasses In Tortoise Gold

These are an awesome pair of sun glasses especially when you consider the price. We just recently went to Zions National Park in Utah. My brother had a pair of sunglasses that were the same price. The quality of my brothers sun glasses was much less than my pair. His pair even broke just from

Ray Ban RB3016 Clubmaster Sunglasses In Black Gold W0365

I’m excited these were polarized. Light weight, comfortable to wear and look very similar to classic Ray-Bans. I really enjoy these glasses. They are the third pair that I have owned. My first two pairs were stolen from me, but you can wear these for years if needed. The lens just pop out and you