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Cartier 6101003 Wood Sunglasses In Silver Grey Gradient

SO CUTE! I always get so many compliments on these. Great deal! Definitely blows away any local competititors. Our local store wanted well over $200 for the same glasses.I love these sunglasses. I wish they were more of a brown tint when looking through them instead of a blue but I had gotten many compliments

Cartier 7550178 55-22 Wood Sunglasses In Silver Brown

These are just what I needed. I need polarized sunglasses over prescription for fly fishing. I’m hard on glasses and didn’t want to spend $50 at a shop for what might (or might not) be better glasses. These are perfect. these are my 4th pair of serengetis over a period of 15 or more years.

Cartier 6738033 Black Buffalo Eyeglasses In Gold

Very nice sunglasses. Fit comfortably but snug on your face. Well balanced on the face.I like the rectangular design and the lenses are big enough in proportion to my face.Great customer service. Great packaging and accessories included.They also included instruction on how to get a heavily discounted 2nd pair of another style of their glasses.

Cartier 4189705 White Buffalo Sunglasses In Gold

My husband really loves these glasses. The tint is not as green as the picture but I feel like that is a good thing! They also arrived very quickly. Costs less than any retailer I’ve seen, and you’re getting a legit product. I’d shop here instead of an actual Oakley store any day.I have a

Cartier 3524012 Diamond Round Lens White Mix Black Buffalo Sunglasses In Silver Brown

Lightweight, unique frame color and great lenses. great glasses..use them while working outside..i’ve purchased pair and will purchase more if/when the need arises..Original pair was delivered with both lenses badly scratched. Reurned to Amazon. Replacement pair sent trouble free. Quality sunglasses that are comfortable and stylish.

Cartier 7550178 55-22 Diamond Black Buffalo Sunglasses In Silver Gradient Brown

Really love these! Great high end look for not a ton of money. Love the vintage look. I actually ordered a second pair because I dropped my first pair at Violent Femmes show & they git stepped on (shout out to the roadie who had tape for me to repair to get through the sunny