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Ray Ban Aviator RB3025 58-14 Polarized Sunglasses In Matte Gold With Blue Flash

I absolutely love these sunglasses!. Bought these for my husband after he lost his first pair – he refuses to wear any others. I have worn them a few times and it takes a little to get use to everything being yellow but having the glare knocked off is completely worth it – both of

Gucci GG3765 Eyeglasses In Red

Gasses were as advertised and arrived on time. great quality and durable, feels heavy which is a good thing! i reccommend.Looks cool but not functional gives me headaches while wearing it.

Gucci GG3790 Eyeglasses In Tortoise

I bought it as a gift for my brother. He said the glasses produce multicolor in the sun. I be feeling like the man when I walk through Be prepared to be hoarded with chicks. These sunglasses will boost anyones confidence and ego.I am in looooove with my new sunglasses! I got the pink/gold and

Gucci GG0262S Sunglasses In Green

Fashionable, quality, I’m very happy. If you are considering getting these DO IT NOW. They are perfect. They fit a woman’s face well and what you see in the photo is exactly what you get. Best sunglasses I’ve owned, plus they float.They are so freaking cute. So happy I bought these! Came in a cute

Gucci GG3717 Eyeglasses In Tortoise

Beautiful glasses! I’m so happy with my purchase. Exactly what I expectedfor an excellent price.I absolutely love these sunglasses! I have been actively wearing these for about 3 months now, and they have held up perfectly. They look just like many designer sunglasses that are popular right now, but are a fraction of the price!

Gucci GG2268 Sunglasses In Silver Gradient Grey

Recieved defective glasses and i was given a free pair without having to return the first. Fast response time.The glasses feel great and do the job well. Love this product! Have always been skeptical about ordering sunglasses online. The sunglasses are exactly as described. The product packaging was nice and professional. The product quality is

Gucci GG0116S Sunglasses In Black

As an ocean lifeguard, I have to rely on my glasses to help me be able to spot trouble. These glasses aren’t only great for visibility and protection for my eyes, but they are Retro RAD! I think I’m starting the newest trend at the Jersey Shore. Although I was a little doubtful about my

Gucci GG0261S Sunglasses In Blue

we’re giving them to all our friends this Christmas, just for fun. Thanks. I look dope in these dope glasses. The polarized action is great for all the wicked fishin’ I do.Love these! Super trendy and perfect for my frugal budget.

Gucci GG0257SA Sunglasses In Blue

I’m not a fan of these at all. First is the feel. Very cheap feel and not sure how long they would last under normal conditions of my everyday. Plus is it me or do they seem very very dark. With these like no other shades I’ve owned. I find myself taking them off to

Gucci GG0211OA Eyeglasses In Black

I got the Sunglasses in today and there are amazing! Not only did I get sunglasses I got a nice wristband, guitar pick, a soft rag to clean the lenses, and a pin button. They feel very sturdy and very good quality. If you want stylish sunglasses these are the ones you need to get.