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Mont Blanc MB508T Sunglasses In Gold Gradient Green

I just ordered a second pair of these after wearing my first pair on my shirt collar and lifting a 100-lb. ice chest into my truck by holding it against my body in a proper lifting technique, which ended up crushing the shades (any sunglasses would have died, totally my fault).That goes to show how

Prada VPS02H Eyeglasses In Tortoise

I have owned many pairs of Oakley sunglasses, and was always a fan. However, when I bought these a few days ago, there is NO comparison. VERY comfortable, and exceptionally clear. They are great for fishing as they give you much more depth. The glass lenses seem to be much more durable and not a

Louis Vuitton Skyline Z0981E Sunglasses In Gold Gradient Brown

Pretty cool. Great quality. As good as Raybans. Way too small for my large head.I get so many compliments when wearing these sunglasses! A few of my friends purchased the same ones because they like them so much. Only problem is that the piece that goes behind your ear is pretty sharp. You have to

Louis Vuitton Z0898E Sunglasses In Gold Gradient Brown

Nice clean shades, and they come with a case. Used them fly fishing in Belize, in very bright conditions. Frames fit great, with no side light penetration, light obscurity of lens was perfect, and great polarization. All that and got complimented on the cool look of the frame.This lenses are really pretty, but very heavy.

Prada SPR51S Sunglasses In Black Gold

I love costa del mar glasses, great product, good price. I ordered these for my son, he has a big head so I was hoping the small size would work for him, but the nose piece on these is the exact same size as his so they don’t fit over his glasses well. I might

Mont Blanc MB692 Eyeglasses In Silver

Love my costa sunglasses I have a couple pair these are very nice to have when I’m out on the boat or for my everyday outside activities. Perfect fit and perfect price! Enjoying the ability to see things clearly and without glare. I especially like the feature of being able to use my peripheral vision

Ray Ban RB3016 Clubmaster Sunglasses In Tortoise Orange

They are everything I wanted!. Was not expecting the quality at this price. Very good looking shades.Love these sunglasses! I got the light pink / purple tinted ones.Sturdy, not cheap looking.Love the gold lining!Love them! Gonna order in multiple colors! Fast shipping.

Mont Blanc MB574-D Eyeglasses In Tortoise

I paid $70 for a pair of Fit Over glasses from my ophthalmologist and these are by far superior to them. Easy on and off and they look terrific as well. If you’re used to expensive sunglasses, the glare might annoy you. Overall they’re good for the price.This inexpensive case fits nicely: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DBVKLU4.I absolutely love

Louis Vuitton Millionaire M96006WN Sunglasses In White

These sunglasses are awesome! They are really well made and feel very sturdy. My only complaint is that the earpieces hurt your ears. Other than that I really love the look of these :). Wow these are really nice and great quality! I was pleasantly surprised! Great price for these! They came packaged so carefully,

Gucci GG0455S Sunglasses In White Grey

My face and head is small. These made me look even smaller. my wife loved it. I recommend it.These are exactly what i was looking for.. they are well tinted, good quality and light weight. Buy dees shades if you want to be picking up all the hunny’s naw im sayin?.